winter inspirations: fur and leather

1:59 PM

Hi beauties! 
Winter is approaching, and even colder days are coming with it.. As someone who CAN NOT stand the coldness, I am always searching for something thick and warm to put on! 
What better way to avoid the harsh winter air than to throw on some FUR! And what better way to wear the fur than with leather! Faux one or not, it is your choice, but you can't deny how good these two look together! 

Check out these inspirational photos I collected on MY WE HEART IT and let me know what you think of this (perfect) match.. 


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  1. Prva slika i poslednje dvije ludilo kako su dobre!

  2. Those coats look amazing! I love warm coats in the winter too, but I actually adore the cold weather and snow in general :3 I feel like a really odd person because hot weather depresses me and cold weather makes me happy lol :)
    <3 Katie

  3. Awesome coats. Thank you so much for dropping by my place and leaving such a nice comment. Following back on GFC #99

  4. I like your style ! you are so cute :) please check out my blog
    would you like to follow each other please let me know :) xoxo


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