The last (fashionista) samurai!

12:11 AM

 Ok before you say anything, I know! I know that seasons change in between my two posts (my previous post was summer and now it's almost snowing...), and I really do not have good explanation for it (which is kinda embarrassing).. But, I can say that my outfits these days are totally uninspiring and just so plain and black that there is really no point in posting anything. :(
Luckily, Belgrade Fashion Week was a wake up call for my style and I came up with this outfit to wear to some shows. I always liked the idea of wearing a belt over some sort of cape. I think it looks super stylish and chic (even though someone left a comment on my instagram that this outfit reminded them of The last samurai...But it was around Halloween so I guess it's ok...hahaah!).
Anyway, let me know what you think of the outfit (and if it reminds you of The last samurai :D )...
love you!

Special thanks to Vlada (Streetfashion101) for these photos! <3
Belt and bag - Mango
Dress- Zara
Choker- Forever21
Sunnies- Ray Ban

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  1. Anci pa ovo je prvi puut da ti letim po blogu, sve sam a Insta...Super izgleda blog, ti si super...Extraaaa!


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