Orange is the new black

1:43 PM

Hola Chicas!
Here is another outfit post. I am OBSESSED with this look! We all know that long sleeves are a huuuuge trend right now as well as cropped tops, and I am soo into both those trends. This sweater ( find it here ) is a perfect combo of those two and plus it is this gorgeous deep orange color which makes it perfect for matching with jeans (did you notice the asymmetrical collar of the sweater with a built-in choker??!! how cool!! )!! 
Let me know how you like this outfit in comments below and have a nice day babies!!

*photos by Andjela <3
sweater - SHEIN
jeans - Mango
boots - F21
bag - Zara
sunglasses - seen many many many times on my blog - Rey Ban

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  1. Anciiii kakva si ti ribaaa :) Like, like!

  2. To participate a formal party you always need a good dress. For me, I love wearing a loose shirt dress. It makes me look sexy and it's comfortable.


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