Layers pink and black!

10:27 AM

Hi dolls!
So here is another OOTD, this one a bit more creative and fun!
HATS like the one I'm wearing here are a huuuge trend right now. You can see all the bloggers and celebs wearing them, of course in their own way..
Also, these chunky, long, comfy sweaters are A MUST during these winter days. Plus they look amazing and give every outfit that CHIC note. 
Oh, and a lot of you is asking about this lipstick, it is NYX matte lipgloss Copenhagen. I LOVE IT!

Do you like wearing hats in winter?
love you!

Sweater - New Yorker
LeatherShorts - Zara
Hat - Bershka
Rubber Boots - Office shoes
Bag - Michael Kors

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  1. Can you please start doing videos in your blog? Everything you posted so far has been awesome! :)))

    1. Thank you honey! :))
      For now, I want to focus on blogging, and videos may come later.. Kiss

  2. Love it! You're such an eye-candy! Very inspirational looks!

  3. I love your outfit! :) I LOVE hats like that :) They look so vintage and pretty :)
    <3 katie


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