blue jeans...white coat!

11:45 AM

Hi dolls! 
I just LOOOVE these sunny winter days when I can wear something bright and fun! 
This outfit is all about layers and colors! I love matching all these colors, they look super chic together. 
Also, I got this amazing creamy-white coat from H&M and I am in love with it. Since it is not that thick I am probably gonna be wearing it during spring and sunny winter days. But I can see myself wearing it in a lot of outfits (just a warning! :) ). 
Other than that, ripped jeans from Zara, and my favorite most comfortable heels from Zara aswell, make it all look even better. I am just IN LOVE with this look! :)

What do you think of it?

Coat - H&M
Shoes and Jeans - Zara
Bag - Mona
Shirt - Bershka
Sunglasses - Rey Ban
Scarf - FashionRoomBeograd

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  1. Divno, divno :)
    Pogledaj moj novi beauty&lifestyle blog! :*

  2. This outfit looks so fun! I love how the jeans look :) I feel really self conscious in anything other then tights or maybe jeggings so I don't wear a lot of jeans, but those jeans suit you so much! :)
    <3 Katie

  3. Zanimljiv outfit :)

  4. Ukrala bih taj beli kaputt!! Super ti je blog! Poseti moj kada mozes bila bih zahvalna :))
    ••• •••

  5. Odlicna kombinacija... Dopada mi se color blocking! :)


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