Dark Princess Halloween look!

11:31 AM

Hello babes!
I am back with an amazing costume outfit and amazing photos!
When Fairmont Hotels - San Francisco presented this idea to me I wasn't so sure about it since I have never been to a Halloween party before (crazy right?!) , and that was exactly what they wanted me to do - a look for a Halloween party held at their hotel. But then I thought about it and realised that this is an amazing opportunity to try something new and experiment. That is what Halloween is all about - you get to choose who you will be that night; a crazy pirate, flawless princess, scary vampire, the list is endless...

As soon as I saw this hotel I knew that my costume had to match its fabulous decor. So I went for this super stylish dark princess look. I got in touch with Villena Viscaria Clothing that makes all these amazing corsets, skirts and accessories and it blew me away how talented she is!

I will let you enjoy beautiful photography (thanks to David and Katarina) and make sure to leave a comment about what you think of this fab Halloween look!


photo by Damnjanovic photography
clothing and accessories all by Villena Viscaria Clothing
shoes - Killah

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