Top 5 fashion moments in movies!

1:38 AM

You may love or hate these movies, but you cannot deny the moments of pure fashion perfection each one of them carries. Through costumes in these movies you can really understand the true meaning of the word art, because that is what fashion is all about.
They all represent different parts of human history, and though some may be a little exaggerated, you cannot escape the experience and the journey through time these astonishing pieces of art bring along.
I will only leave a glimpse of the ultimate fashion experience you can live through these movies here, but in order to truly understand the power of fashion and art in cinematography you would have to watch them. Pay attention to details on clothes as well as in the background, pay attention to the angle of filming, the lightning, the jewelry and how all of that emphasizes the acting and the overall impression we get. The better these details are, the better we experience the whole movie.
So, grab some yummy snacks, a cup of coffee and enjoy the ride.

Kisses beauties!

1.  Pretty woman

2. 3. La Belle et la Bete 

3. Ana Karenina 

4. Sex and the city 2

5. The Great Gatsby

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