Winter wonderland at Kopaonik

8:04 PM

Hi my dear friends!

I am back from my 5-day ski trip and I have a new post for you. The outfit itself is pretty simple. I wasn't carrying to much fancy clothes with me since I travelled with my family and ski equipment was our priority, but I managed to put this cute outfit together and I believe it matches the white surroundings of the mountain Kopaonik perfectly!
I have some photos of the mountain as well just because I wanted to show to you how beautiful this mountain is. It is one of the highest Serbian mountains but it definitely is the most popular one, especially during the winter season. I believe that pictures speak louder than words so I will just let you enjoy the beauty.

fur jacket - a tailor from Belgrade made it for my aunt
leather pants - Zara
sweater - Ralph Lauren
boots - Michael Kors

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