Grey coat saves the day...or winter!

9:28 PM

Hello babies,
this is an outfit with a coat I purchased like a month ago and I swear I haven't taken it off since! I have seen it in Zara maybe in Oktober or sth like that but I already had many coats and jackets for winter and didn't feel like spending money on this one. Of course it didn't stop me from wanting it, I was just, let's put it this way, waiting for the right time.
Anyway, weeks passed, even months and the time came for my Vienna trip. I cannot say that I wasn't hoping to find it in Zara there, but I almost gave up, since the New Year's has passed and sales were almost over. So I was strolling through Zara, first floor, second, third.. and then, as I was piling clothes and shoes onto my boyfriend, something made me look in that direction and notice the lonely dark grey coat between random hangers.. I don't even know how I noticed it, since it was the only one left. It was in my size and it's price - two times cheaper than in Belgrade.. I guess I have spent all my luck that day because I cannot seem to pass a single exam since, but you know what- it was so worth it!
hope you like the outfit babes!

Coat and jeans and bag - Zara
sunglasses - Rey Ban

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