SFW (3) - My favorite shows and looks

11:27 AM

Hey loves,
Today I want to share with you my absolute favorite looks, models, pieces from Serbia Fashion Week. I didn't see all the shows, but I'll share my favorites from the ones I did visit. I don't really know how long this list would be, so I might decide to break this post into 2 parts but we'll see...
Let's begin...

*these first two looks are by Jelena Roganovic Djuric from Montenegro. I don't know but I always love to see these sheer, laced, romantic looks.. So refreshing.
*and this next one was probably my favorite show of all. Designer Lesia Semi from Ukraine. I love how all of these pieces are perfectly tailored, I love the colors, the eyebrow idea.. I just loved loved loved this show so much!!!!
* Now to focus a little bit on menswear...This Bluedenimes show from Amsterdam was perfect! Love the combination of colors, the cut-out pants, jeans...everything! So check it out yourselves and let me know how you liked it.
*Cataleya by Zorana Milicic -another show that was styled so perfectly. It was sort of casual but still had some amazing details, like those pink belts that kind of circle all the looks together..Also, gold pieces really brought this show to another level.

And this is us bloggers taking selfie before the shows..what else would we be doing? 
bloggers from left to right: VladaNatasa, me, AdelaJovana

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