SFW (4) - Outfit

6:18 PM

Heeeey babies!!!
I love how I've been regular with posts lately, and I don't want to jinx it but I'm going to try and keep it regular from now on. At least I'm gonna try, that I CAN promise, :)
So here is an outfit from Serbia Fashion Week. It was dark by the time I got to the shows so I didn't have a chance to shoot this outfit that day, but I finally found time yesterday and here it is!
I was wearing these red Zara pants with these Zara sandals (I also wore this gorgeous combination in this post), and I decided to spice it up some more with this shoulderless top and my favorite new bag which I cannot stop carrying EVERYWHERE with me (you will be seeing more of it, don't worry, haha ).
Special thanks to my friend Vasa who took these photos! 
That's it babes, let me know what you think in comments below.. love you!
*Zara everything exept Prada sunglasses and Michael Kors watch

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  1. Aaaa ovo je onaj dan kad nisam bila. Divne su ti ove fotografije. Bravo za Vasu i tebe naravno :)


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