How to wear: Spaghetti straps over a T-shirt!

4:00 PM

Heeey dolls! I am here with a new trend alert - spaghetti straps over a T-shirt! I know that some of you might hate this idea, but hey, isn't that the case with every trend? Not all of us can like everything, and that's totally fine! Buuuut, if you saw this photo of Kendall and Gigi and fell in love with Kendall's outfit (like me), you can check out my photos below and see how I styled this trend. 
So basically what you want to do is combine your basic T-shirt with a tank top that has these very thin straps- spaghetti straps! I recommend you do not try it with a basic tank top (the one with thick straps) cause it will look bad, and tacky... Of course, it doesn't have to be a tank top, it can also be a dress with spaghetti straps, that's what I did on the photos below.
I chose a white T-shirt and a black long dress from H&M. I also added a black choker and I think it looks super cool so that's another trick to wearing this trend. Let me know what you think in comments below and if you are going to try this trend.
kisses babes!
thanks to Marina ( her blog ) for all the photos!
T-shirt and dress - H&M, bag - Zara, choker - Forever21, sunglasses - Ray-Ban, flats - Topshop

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