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Hey loves!

I decided to write about something that a lot of my friends asked me about. Everybody thinks that all of my instagram photos were taken with a professional camera- which is in 99% of my photos NOT true! As I like to take a lot of photos spontaneously and on-the-go, I do not always have my camera with me, so pretty much all of my photos on MY INSTAGRAM are taken with my iPhone 6s.

I do not want you to think that you HAVE TO edit your photos or make yourself perfect for instagram or anything like that. None of us is perfect no matter how many filters we put on our faces. At the end of the day, photos are here just to capture some amazing things happening in our lives. But if you are a creative person who likes taking nice photos, there is nothing wrong in playing with editing and trying to make your photo as cool as it can be.

So let me share some of my favorite tips and apps for taking and editing photos:

Rule no.1 - LIGHTING!

The first and most important thing if you want for your photo to look like you took it with a professional camera is to take your photo in the good lighting! USE DAY LIGHT! Day light is the best lighting always! If you are inside make sure you are in front of a window but avoid direct sunlight. Also, if you are outside it is best to take photos in shade or when the sun is not shining directly, cause it can make you look too white, bright or yellow like in the photo below!
DIRECT SUNLIGHT will make you look white and washed out!

Rule no.2- BACKGROUND!

The thing that people don't pay too much attention to is the background. You can see everything in the background of peoples photos. Mirror selfies with messy room behind are my personal favorite! hahah! 
Jokes aside, another thing I personally like to avoid is taking photos in parks or anywhere with a lot of greenery. I noticed that it really takes attention away from the subject and towards the green. So, if you want the attention to be on the subject, choose a nice building instead of trees and grass. I love nice clean backgrounds, like in the photo below.

3. EDIT you photo

Snapseed - This is the app I use for editing my photos, it really has A LOT of options. I do not really use filters in this app, but I know a lot of people really like them. I mostly use editing tools: tune image (to adjust the brightness, contrast and other basic tools), brush and selective (to whiten or darken certain areas, or remove color from certain areas), healing (to remove something that bothers me in a photo, like I removed that bag in the example below)... But of course it all depends on the photo. And here are some before and afters. 

4. PLAN your feed!

Plan your instagram feed with app UNUM ! I know a lot of people are going to think I'm crazy for doing this but I just have to mention this app for the sake of my fellow bloggers and all of us who like a nice feed. This app lets you see how the photos look next to one another and stuff.. Anyways, it's a great thing for anyone who wants a nice instagram theme. And here is how it looks.
the photos with pink camera sign are already on my instagram and the ones without are yet to be uploaded.. and there are plenty more white fields to add more photos if you want.


My last and maybe the most important rule is to smile! Days of duck faces are long gone! There is nothing more beautiful than a genuine smile on your face. So use it! Your smile is your power! Take as many selfies as you want, be honest with your friends on social media, be yourself! At the end of the day, we have to turn this social media obsession into a good thing and use it to spread positivity! 

Love you,

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